PostNord – The potential is endless
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About This Project

PostNord: The potential is endless!


PostNord Norway is a leading logistics company in Norway, with an expansive countrywide shipping distribution network and a focus on excellent customer service.


“The potential is endless!” That is the clear conclusion from Norway’s leading logistics company, PostNord, after having integrated the Marketing Automation Platform ACT-ON with SugarCRM. A new perspective on customers and an eye towards best practices were all pieces in the puzzle. A puzzle where DRI Nordic played a central part.



  • Customer centricity
  • Sharpening competitive edge
  • Improved quality of data
  • Optimised all stages of the customer experience
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Taking CRM To the Next level


Striving to marry close-knit customer relationships with a high level of service, and with an existing and highly successful SugarCRM platform as a baseline, PostNord was now ready to take the next step on the company’s CRM journey. After close consultancy with DRI Nordic, the choice fell on ACT-ON:


“Implementing the SugarCRM platform and integrating the system into our daily operations was an important first step on a long journey to help us constantly improve the customer experience. The platform has resulted in streamlined processes, decreased operational costs, and improved our customer issue resolution time significantly. These impressive results convinced us that the time was right to take the next step, and with DRI Nordic close by our side, we found that the ACT-ON platform was the right solution to best fit our needs.”


“DRI Nordic has become a natural and trusted partner to us. They know and understand our business and industry – from the global scope to the local and narrow perspective. They have key insights into best practice CRM and is an inspirational source in understanding the business of tomorrow. All of which has been central to our long-lasting partnership and of great value to us.”



  • Streamlined processes
  • Deliver faster customer service
  • Improved overview of sales
  • Cut operational costs by 20 percent
  • Cost effective communication channel
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