Norstat fast tracks a global business
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About This Project

Norstat fast tracks a global business with SugarCRM


Connecting the dots: The leading data collector, Norstat, aligns and connects a fragmented organisation across local markets and reaches for a global adventure with SugarCRM.


With the central belief that important decisions should be based on solid information, Norstat is a European leading player specialised in data collection and market research that helps clients understand their markets and customers.


“We needed a new strategic backbone to align sales management across our many local offices and to upscale a central sales focus. Our goal was to have one CRM system to help us build the bridge between the different countries and create a common sales approach,” says Christoph Irmer.



  • Align sales effort throughout local markets
  • Effective sales process
  • Accelerating and fast tracking global business
  • Cost efficiency
  • A CRM systems that is easy to integrate with existing systems
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