Broadnet increases delivery precision significantly with SugarCRM
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About This Project

Norway’s leading Internet provider increases delivery precision significantly with SugarCRM


A customised one-to-one supply module was the answer when Broadnet asked DRI Nordic to turn an undeveloped idea into a cost-effective and successful solution. The result was profound.


With a promise of the highest quality, maximum security and stability combined with a dense network of contractors, Broadnet is highly dependent on effective workflows across various projects and the ability to respond immediately to delays and instabilities. A challenge that led to a dialogue with DRI Nordic and a decision to develop a customised supply module with integration to an existing SugarCRM platform.


In a close partnership with DRI Nordic’s consultants, a new one-to-one supply module was developed, tailored specifically to Broadnet’s needs.



  • Delivery precision increased significantly
  • Improved efficiency in workflows across complex orders and supply processes
  • Immediate response to delays and instabilities
  • Profound results across entire value chain
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