Optimisation – Add+ your CRM
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Addoptify delivers best-practice plug-In solutions that help you Add, Adopt and Optimise your CRM! Our vision is to bridge internal efficiency with customer centricity and help you reorient your CRM perspective from silo-based activities to a 360-degree strategy.


Let’s turn best practice into your practice. Let’s Add+ your CRM!

  • Customer Journey Plug-In™

    Change the perspective. Unite internal efficiency with customer centricity.

  • Add+ IBM Connections Plug-In

    Managing projects have never been easier. Add+ your knowledge sharing and innovation.

  • Add+ Quick Email Composer

    The Add+ Quick Email Composer allows you to create perfect emails in no time, bringing your business to maximum speed. Ideal for customer support!

  • Add+ Facebook Connector

    Add+ your social media presence. Connect your Facebook account to SugarCRM.

  • Add+ Custom Survey Module

    Create and analyse surveys in SugarCRM and stay on tack with your customers.

  • CRM ecosystem

    Our playground is the entire CRM ecosystem – from customer targeting and acquisition to customer retention and support. Our toolbox includes market-leading, cost-effective, flexible and engaging plug-In solutions, and our proof of delivery is enhanced CRM practices, eliminated silos and unique customer experiences.

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