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10 years and more than 250 successful client stories!


For more than 10 years we have developed and delivered flexible solutions and platforms across sales, marketing and support. We are keen on all aspects of your customer relations and dedicated to delivering just the right solution that fits your exact needs

We create tomorrow’s winners


Working with us is a step towards more success in the market. A market where tomorrow’s winners are those who manage to turn CRM into a strategic backbone of their business, constantly engaging with customers and effectively envisioning and acting on new business opportunities. By moving your customer relations to a new level, we help you accelerate growth, gain market shares and achieve profound results that will bring your business in front of your competitors – today as well as tomorrow!

We keep things simple


With our in-depth understanding of your challenges and potential, we turn undeveloped ideas on the drawing board into cost-effective solutions and lead the way from development and implementation to quantifiable results. We are keen on all aspects of your business and dedicated to delivering just the right solution that fits your exact needs – no more no less!
When others tend to make it complex, we promise to keep things simple!

Your leading SugarCRM partner in the Nordics


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Let’s move your customer relations to a new level

Welcome to a world where your customers are in charge

Did you know that customers are 60% through a buying process before they even talk to you?

That 86% are willing to pay more for a better customer experience?

That 65% have left a brand due to bad customer service?

Source: Bain & Company Customer- Led Growth Report and Customers Report 2020

80%Service companies believe they deliver a superior customer service
8%Only a few of the customers agree

The key to your business success?

Adopt the Customer Agenda into your entire value chain

CRM is key to business success! However, for organisations to be successful with its customers today, it must extend its CRM approach, rewrite the rules and start doing business from the customer’s perspective.

The formula is to understand the customer’s entire decision journey and incorporate it into daily business practices.


Keep it simple: Start small, think big and move fast



Via our effective discovery workshop program, we help our clients to build the right foundation for establishing and prioritising activities and initiatives across the entire customer-facing chain: from marketing and sales to onboarding and renewal.



Our DRI consultants are all top performers specialised in leading your projects steer clear of the common pitfalls and move your business towards your goals. By combining your knowledge with our expertise, we adapt our best practice tools to match your unique challenges.



Our experienced engineers customise and scale your selected solution to any size and fits the system to your specifications and needs. We have more trained Sugar developers than any other Authorised SugarCRM Partner in the Nordics.



DRI Nordic has built its own hosting platform to offer a faster and more secure CRM experience. Our elite hosting platform has the storage and speed your business demands with dedicated or virtual servers at the most reliable and secure datacenters available.

From silo to 360º customer strategy

Our consultancy and services are centered around a selection of market-leading CRM solutions and complimentary products, and the result of more than 10 years’ experience and in-depth expertise. Each solution delivers cost efficiency, flexibility and integration – and supports our fundamental philosophy that CRM should be a strategic backbone connecting and supporting your entire value chain.

Your success is our success

10 years and 250 successful client stories with SugarCRM. This makes us the most experienced solution partner in the Nordics, delivering unique and cost-effective systems significantly improving the performance of our clients.

Roxtec finds “the missing piece of the puzzle” with Customer Journey Plugin™
”DRI Nordic has become a natural and trusted partner to us. They know and understand our business and industry – from the global scope to the local and narrow perspective. They have key insights into best practice CRM and is an inspirational source in understanding the business of tomorrow. All of which has been central to our long-lasting partnership and of great value to us” - Christopher Østbye Andersen, Head of Sales & Customer Services
A transformed sales process and redefined customer approach with SugarCRM
Sweden’s largest manager network achieves efficiency boost of 20 percent

Selected Clients

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Kristian BW
Kristian Af Sandeberg
CEO & Managing Partner

+45 23 30 03 92


Iben D. Thomsen
Communication & Strategy

+45 61 14 72 91


Johan cederholm BW
Johan Cederholm
Key Account Manager

+46 72 21 60 451


Oskar Hellgren

+46 768 318 018


Meyerhans-Gülle_Thomas__square BW
Thomas M. Gülle
Project Manager

+49 157 5012 2231


Joakim BW
Joakim Norlinder
CTO & Managing Partner

+46 723 620 230


Emil BW
Emil Kilhage
Head of Development

+46 760 534 112


fahlstad BW
Fredrik Fahlstad
Project Manager

+46 702 107 108


Erik Larsson

+46 703 767 387


Dennis Kuenzel

+49 40 73 444 454


Lars Aagesen
Head of Project

+45 30 55 77 01


Simon Köhlström

+46 723 620 230


Malcolm Hoffmann
Managing Partner DRI Central

+49 176 2216 1559


Carlos BW
Carlos Ventura
Manager & System Consultant

+45 55 55 03 72


Linda Egebjerg
Head of Finance & Administration

+45 24 96 78 77


Michael Huss
Engagement Manager

+46 727 442 356


Jaime Galvis
Business Developer

+49 152 3421 4923


Nuno BW
Nuno Tavares
DBA & System Consultant

+45 55 55 03 72